Instructure Acquires Practice

Today, we announced our acquisition of a pretty amazing microlearning company, Practice. They say that practice makes perfect, and this organization believes it.

What Practice Does

Practice is a video microlearning assessment company that organizations use to develop people and build skills. What’s unique about Practice is that it starts with users recording a video of themselves practicing a certain skill — for example: how to have a difficult conversation with an employee, or how to deal with an angry patient, or how to pitch a new product — and then after recording, the user uploads that video which automatically gets shared with their peers, and their managers for direct feedback and coaching; and ends with prompting self reflection for future improvement.

So, ultimately Practice helps companies and universities scale the magic of small, in person learning by fostering more practice, feedback, and reflection learning loops.

Why We Acquired Practice

Practice and Instructure’s products complement each other in many ways and we see product integration possibilities with Bridge for corporate learning and talent management, Canvas in the education space, and Arc, our video platform.

Our cultures mesh well together, too. And we’ve learned that’s not an accident. In fact, six years ago, when Practice’s founders started the company, they said there was one organization in the education technology space that they wanted to emulate.

  • It was a company that, like them, believed in the limitless power of learning.
  • It was company that, like them, believed in the power of software to scale learning.
  • And it was a company that, like them, believed in the power of listening to customers, partners, teams, and the world around them to continuously learn and improve.

That company was Instructure, the makers of Canvas, Bridge, Arc, and Gauge (we’re blushing over here).

How We Will Work Together

Starting today, Instructure will begin to incorporate Practice’s mobile and web video technology to enhance its talent management and learning solutions, helping people maximize their potential through consistent feedback and interactive ways to receive coaching and assessment.

Additionally, Practice’s clients will still be able to use Practice as a standalone product, helping them build more meaningful relationships with their managers and peers, and become more engaged and happy at work. By bringing Practice’s capabilities to Instructure, we have an incredible opportunity to help many more people reach their goals and continue to grow, learn, and develop new skills.

A Little More About Practice

Practice was founded in 2011 and has offices in Philadelphia and San Francisco. The company helps clients — including Comcast, Domino’s Pizza, and UCSF Medical School — promote learning and career development while driving innovation.

They say that practice makes perfect, so let’s get going.

Keep learning,

Mitch Benson, SVP of Product, Instructure