Instructure's Sydney Office Holds Charity Clothes Drive

The Sydney office launched a clothes drive on International Women’s Day for a fabulous Australian organisation called FittedforWork. FFW has helped over 20,000 women experiencing disadvantage in Australia, to get back to work. In particular, they support many female refugees, migrants and mature age women.

Volunteers transform a woman from head to toe in quality donated business clothing, which they wear to job interviews and keep as part of their professional wardrobe after the interviews. In addition, FFW provides women with training on job applications, resume writing, interview skills and presentation advice.

APAC Diversity & Inclusion Committee:  Ramzy Alamudi; Viorica Favetta; Meenal Chandra; Souha Alameddi; Ryo Sakai and Jen McCrea

The Sydney office was excited to get onboard and gathered lots of lovely professional clothes, shoes and accessories, which have since been donated and very warmly-received!


The APAC team are passionate about committing their time and sharing their expertise to help develop others in a positive way and they are continuing to explore community event and partnership opportunities!